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Be A  Part-Time Pro

We know your life is hectic and sometimes even searching for a part-time job can be a full-time job.  Why spend hours searching for job descriptions when ProRecruiters can do the work for you? Just tell us your story so we can find the perfect Part Time Jobs Tulsa match for you.

In Tulsa Part-time jobs are available, but they can often be hard to find. Whether you are a parent pursuing employment during school hours; a retiree wanting to phase into retirement; or a student needing work to pay off student loans – ProRecruiters, formerly known as Part-Time Pros, respects professionals seeking unconventional work schedules. We promise to help you in every way possible to secure work that fits your schedule and your skills. We specifically partner with companies who are seeking part-time professionals and connect them with job-seekers like you.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible schedule or just simply looking to get your foot in the door, ProRecruiters creates lasting job matches. We are not another Temp Agency In Tulsa;  we are a part-time job agency. With us, the opportunity for further employment is the norm, not the exception. Be a Part-Time Pro and Start the job-seeking process today.

Introduce Yourself with a Video Resume

Oftentimes job seekers come to us feeling like they are the perfect fit for a position we are recruiting for.  We often hear, “if you can get me an interview I know I can get and do the job.” However, being invited to an interview is up to our clients, not us. Our video resume service gives you actual ‘face-time’ with our hiring managers. It is a chance for you to sell yourself on why you should be selected. We offer this service free of charge to our Tulsa based part time job seekers. Increase your chance of getting hired with your own video resume today. ProRecruiters provides all of the latest tools to make sure you make a great first impression to your prospective new employer.

View an example video resume from one of our professionals!

If you would like to learn more about how creating a video resume could help your job search, contact us to get started.

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