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How do you stand out among hundreds of other Professionals in today’s job market? ProRecruiters has the answer. In addition to Staffing services we offer solutions for Job Seekers to stand out from their competition.

The ARRIVAL™ is our unique Job-Seeker service that provides a robust portfolio for Professionals stand out in the job market.

ARRIVAL™ is an acronym for: Application, Resume review, References, InterviewsVideo Resume, Assessments, and Learning.

The purpose of program is to enlighten our job seekers on how they are being perceived and help them manage those perceptions they want to manage throughout the interview process of their job search. As a candidate, you will go through the following steps and at the end, receive a Scorecard that you can utilize with hiring managers throughout your interview process. 

  1. Application – first step is to complete our on-line application and upload your resume
  2. Resume Review – myself and another member of my team will edit and make suggestions to your resume
  3. Reference Checks – we will need 3 quality references that we can check. 
  4. Interview – you will come in to do a face to face interview. This is where we do a mock interview and then provide feedback via our scorecard on first impression, our perceptions and make suggestions if any are needed. 
  5. Video Resume – when in our office, you will be asked to do a 60-90 second video resume talking about “What a company would gain by hiring you.”  This is your value proposition, speaking as to why a company should bring you in. 
  6. Assessment – we have partnered with Hogan Assessments to do a career assessment. A link to this assessment will be sent to you and once complete, you will get the results.
  7. Learning– any technical skills you have can be tested so that you may in turn use those scores on your resume.

The scorecard you receive will have our resume suggestions, what your references said about you, our interview notes and comments, a link to the video resume, a complete copy of the Hogan Assessment and any test scores you chose to do.  

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