Goals vs. Resolutions

2016!  First and foremost, I hope that this
year is off to a great start, both personally and professionally.  To kick off the year, I want to talk about
the importance of setting goals.  You
might ask yourself why setting goals is so important.  My mentor educated me on this just a few
years ago.  He said that without goals,
you become like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere, and no one wants to work
for, invest in, or be part of a company that is simply spinning its wheels.  This analogy gave me the incentive to create
goals and move forward.
years past, I would set New Year’s resolutions. 
To be honest, they would hold for about the first month or two and then wither
away, until the next year—kind of like a business plan that is written, printed,
and then tucked away to collect dust.  However,
about three years ago, that all changed for me. 
I was tired of setting resolutions and not sticking to them.  So I set out to change this which, in retrospect,
was resolution #1!
first thing I did was change the word resolution to goal.  Being a competitive person, I like the word
goal.  It worked better for me than
resolution.  The second thing I did was
list out everything that I wanted to accomplish personally and professionally.  I then studied this list and thought about
what was realistic and what might take a few years to accomplish.  I realized while doing this exercise that I
needed to select a few “slam dunks” because success gives me the fuel I need to
keep fighting the good fight.  The harder
goals take more dedication, perseverance, mental stamina, and energy.  Based on knowing this, I selected five to
eight goals for the year, and equally split them between the “easily attainable”
and the “in it for the long haul.”  The next
step was to make it public by writing it down for myself and everyone around me
to see.  I have learned that when I don’t
put it out there, the accountability factor disappears. By making it public,
you also enlist a natural support group of colleagues, family, and friends to
help you achieve your goals. Putting it out there also keeps you from
forgetting them, which in years past was my main reason for failure.

would encourage you all to take the time to set goals for yourselves.  We all need to encourage each other to
improve, grow, and be better people.  

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