Go from too busy to slaying goals!

Happy 2018! 
As the year
kicks offs it is all too common to have this sense of hustle and hurry.  We set goals for the quarter or the year, we
make plans to better ourselves, and then we rush to try to get it ALL
done.  However, all too often we set
ourselves up for failure because no human can race at mock speed forever.  We must prioritize and stay focused or we run
the risk of failure and burnout.
How many
times have we heard “I am so busy, I don’t have enough time.”  As leaders we don’t have permission to use
this excuse.  We all have the same hours
in the same day, it is how we chose to fill them that differentiates good
leaders from great leaders.  “Not enough
time” is an excuse we all need to take out of our vocabulary.  We need to focus on how we spend our time and
how we prioritize our time.  Do we spend
countless minutes scanning social media? How much time do we actually spend texting when we could
be reading one chapter of a book that will help us improve ourselves and absorb
new information? What
are we doing with our time that prevents us from making those additional 2 or 3
sales calls to drive the business?
So how do
you stay focused, maintain energy, and accomplish all of the goals we set out to do this
coming year?  It is not rocket science,
but it is purposeful and all in our control. 
Here’s a few best practices for staying on point and focused all year:
  •      Know
    the difference between urgent and significant
  •          Be
    selective about who you spend time with, and who you give energy to
  •          Block
    out time each day for yourself, good leaders value self care
  •          Accept
    that time is fixed, precious, and ultimately the same for each and every one of us
  •          Look
    at how you spent last year and cross off things that should go away
  •          Record
    and manage your time to ensure it matches your core values and priorities
  •         Be
    honest with yourself on how you spend your time
When things
don’t get done, don’t allow yourself to fall into the “I don’t have enough
time” trap and get real.  If you chose to
post something on Facebook as opposed to replying to an email, own up to it,
move on and try to be the best person you can be.  Here’s to slaying all the goals and awesome
things you set your sights on for this year!
“People with goals succeed because they know where
they are going…it’s as simple as that.” Earl
If one of
your goals is adding to your team, please let us help you!  We would love to continue to be a resource to
you, as you build and grow your team and companies!
Best of luck to you and your team in 2018!
Carey Baker
CEO/ Founder, ProRecruiters

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