Building a Great Team

Over years of successes and failures,
we have developed a process, both internally and externally, to identify
stealer employees. We have an unconventional approach to growing our database
of candidates.   Instead of taking on each and every applicant,
we carefully vet through them in hopes of identifying the people who are true
professionals in every sense of the world, or who we believe have the potential
to grow into the best. This is how we do it
Get to know the person
Any new hire will impact our
organization far beyond the specialized skills they contribute. Knowing each
and every clients culture is imperative to finding the right match.  We have each applicant go through an on-line
application then we conduct a phone interview and a face to face
interview.  Through the course of this
process we try to assess who the person is behind the suit and behind the
resume.  We ask questions like: “What are
you most passionate about? What gets you up in the morning? How do you unplug?
What are you looking for in a company?”  These
questions help us get to the root of the person.
Communicate your company’s values
Internally we understand and embody
our values and this is apparent to those who apply with us. Values aren’t just
pretty words. They’re the actual guideposts that your team uses day in and day
out to make decisions, build your product, and create your brand.
Our mission “To provide the perfect
match between clients needs, desires and wants with associate knowledge, skills
and abilities.”  This means that
sometimes we lose a fill if during the course of the interviews something
rattles our confidence in a potential match.
Our vision is that “we do more than just fill jobs we create them”.  We believe that if we recruit the best of the
best our clients ultimately want to keep them and we have hundreds of examples
of “temp only” jobs going permanent. I encourage all companies to communicate
their mission and values to each and every employee and vendor.  It’s an exceptional tool to weed out potential
bad hires.
Always be recruiting
Great companies are always
recruiting and companies that grow sometimes offer jobs to people even when
there is no opening.  I know I did this
personally and continue to do so when I can.
The best people want to work with the best people


It requires a lot of discipline to
keep the bar high. For every open position, we meet a ton of great people
before we find the one who has that special combination of intellectual
curiosity, technical depth, integrity, cultural/personality fit, passion for
the work at hand etc. Great people want to be challenged and supported by great
peers. Having the right team is critical to achieving your vision. These
principles have helped us find the best people to join our company. How did your
company succeed in recruiting its most talented employees? I welcome your

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