March Madness: How to stay stable and grounded

A big piece of being balanced and avoiding burnout is staying grounded.  Successful business owners and leaders understand the importance of staying grounded. They stay humble during high points, and do not forget who they are or where they came from during low points. They live demanding lives full of complexity as the days grow shorter and the list of tasks grow longer, however are able to prioritize time with family and close friends. They make time for exercise, retain a spiritual practice, and give back out of a service-oriented heart.

We understand as business owners it is challenging not to have it all consume you and greatly affect your personal life. For example, when you take out a 2nd mortgage your home to secure a big contract, or you put all of your emotions into hiring and developing people only to have them leave you; It’s not easy.  Being grounded creates a strong, steady, and confident presence allowing me to show up authentically in both business and in my personal life.

A self-care routine is vital. I exercise every morning.  While Brett rolls his eyes at my 4:45 a.m. routine, I know it is what I need to stay grounded, manage stress and stay healthy.  It is a time of day where I can pretty much guarantee no one needs me, no one will be calling me, and I can focus on me, my body, and my health. The days I skip I am off kilter.

When I am home from 5-8 I do everything I can to not look at my phone.  It is the 3 hours I get with my girls and I try my best to focus on them and Brett.  I am not perfect but I try to focus on what matters during that time which is my family. I turn down most afterhours invites for this reason.  As they get older this will change, but for now it is a protected time for me and them. We must make our family and holistic selfcare our priority if we want to stay grounded and effective.

These are some personal examples of what keeps me grounded, relieves my stress, and helps me show up as a more compassionate, effective, and intelligent leader. I would encourage you to think about your routines during the stressful periods, and take time and really look at ways to reduce your stress and stay grounded.


Carey Dunkin Baker