Samantha Mayer

Low Unemployment – Efficient Hiring Process

  Low Unemployment – Efficient Hiring Process   If you have been unlucky with great job seekers not accepting offers, perhaps it can be resolved with a more efficient hiring process.  With unemployment being less than 4% it is imperative that companies have efficient & effective hiring processes.  Hiring decisions are hard and you don’t …

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Giving Feedback without Creating Fireworks

Happy July! This month, I want to discuss helpful and appropriate feedback.  Giving frequent feedback—good and bad—is important to the growth of your employees. Many employers unfortunately wait until the end-of-the-year reviews to consider successes and failures. I imagine that one of the main reasons for why people do not give regular feedback is that …

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Happy June!  Summer, here we come!  This month I want to discuss coaching.  I have talked before about utilizing a coach.  Now, I want to talk about being a coach.  I have been blessed with three different coaches across my nine-plus years with ProRecruiters.  They have challenged me to grow by evaluating what I’ve done …

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Bridging the Gap

Happy May! Congratulations to all those who are graduating.  Since we are in the midst of graduation season, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the expectations of employers and new graduates.  Typically, employers and recent graduates have different sets of expectations upon entering the work force.  Therefore, it is necessary to bridge the …

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