This year, 2020, has definitely been a year to remember. We have seen the quote flying around on social media that states, “2020 is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.” This has definitely proved itself to be true this year and a good lesson to take into the future.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. Not only can gratitude increase an individual’s personal experience, but it can also increase company and employee’s professional experience as well. Gratitude in the business place and in business culture can increase a sense of belonging amongst co-workers and contribute to the company and it’s greater good. Meaning that individuals that feel they are a part of something greater than themselves get more meaning out of their work, which can increase benefits for a company including: productivity, employee retention and more.

When there is an attitude of gratitude in the workplace: employees feel more appreciated, valued, respected and empowered to continue growth and reaching their highest potential. When employees and colleagues are continually recognized, it also encourages a ripple effect, which then encourages this type of behavior throughout the company. This encourages an increase of morale, energy, engagement and overall well-being which then effect company productivity, retention and performance.

Gratitude in the workplace is incredibly impactful for a business. Showing gratitude makes supervisors and managers more authentic and creates a connection between the giver and receiver of the compliment. Scientifically, this puts others in a grateful frame of mind which in turn makes them happier. Gratitude has a direct impact on performance and is shown to increase productivity to levels of 10% increase on average.

This year had the potential to be difficult for individuals and businesses alike. Implementing gratitude in the workplace has the potential to help increase positivity, increasing a sense of belonging amongst employees and also see positive effects from this type of culture.

At ProRecruiters, we believe in reflecting on the items we are grateful for will increase our culture, professional relationships and increase our overall experience in business. We are so grateful for all of our clients and candidates that have made this year and past years such a positive experience.