In a family favorite movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie hoped for a golden ticket to gain entry into the Chocolate Factory. He couldn’t believe his stroke of luck when it actually happened. Job seeking has the potential to seem very similar to this experience. However, what we don’t realize is that unlike Charlie, who depended on luck, we have control over our “golden ticket”. Resumes are our golden ticket of entry into a company to gain an interview and even with the changes presented by COVID, they still are a massive point of entry.

Resumes are a first impression and first point of contact with an employer. Like any other first point of contact, they set the tone for next steps which include interviews and job offers. Right now, the unemployment rate in America is 7.9% which is a stark difference from 3% in 1st quarter of 2020. A 7.9% unemployment rate means there are 12.580 million unemployed workers of the 160.143 million workers in the labor force. This means the competition for each job out there will be vast and many applicants will be vying for the same positions you are.

Finding a job is a job within it’s itself. It’s important to be prepared, have a plan, and actively work on your search every day. At ProRecruiters, part of our process is to share your resume with potential clients looking for talent. This is easily done when contact information, qualifications, skills, achievements, awards and certifications are listed where they can easily find in a resume. It also helps with TIMING which is very important in your job search. You never know how fast a hiring process can go and if you aren’t ready, you may miss out.

Resumes should be easy to read/navigate, tell about you, your education, your experience and your expertise. We like to encourage candidates that they should be able to pass a resume to a complete stranger and this person SHOULD BE ABLE to tell them what types of positions they are going for.

The first information to include on your resume includes your contact information. Believe it or not, we’ve received resumes with no information and no way to contact a great candidate. This could cause you to miss out on your dream job! In addition, if you are actively seeking a position, you should regularly be checking your email, phone, messages, LinkedIn and other contacts to be sure you aren’t missing messages. This will also cause you to miss out on jobs or even future jobs.

The second part of information is your education and experience. This should include relevant information to your career history and also target career. If you have 10 or more years of experience, you don’t have to put everything, however, if you have spot on experience, it may be helpful to include it. Your expertise should be listed in your work experience. Your work experience should be broken up by position with clear dates of employment, name of employers, and your responsibilities, tasks and achievements in that role listed below the title. Write them in BULLET FORM with clear, concise information. With as many resumes that Hiring Managers are reading, you want your information to be CLEAR and easy to FIND!

Next, include reference letters and a cover letter if applicable. A letter of recommendation can help you stand out and speak to your character, experience and talent. Cover letters are also a way to give a personal touch, in addition, to expanding on why you are a good fit for the position.

Lastly, utilize KEY WORDS in your resume. These are so important in a time where we utilize AI and technology to find, sort, and present talent to our organizations. So many things are online and virtual in which recruiters, hiring managers, and companies are utilizing key word searches to find their next employees. With your skills listed, you will be sure to be found on major job seeker databases.

Your resume should be easy to read and navigate. There are so many helpful tools to craft a winning resume that can get you on the top of the stack! These resources can be found through a google search, LinkedIn AND ProRecruiters!

We offer job seeker services that include Resume Rewriting, Resume Reviews and more. If we can help you with your resume, please reach out to us at!