We are now living in a “new era” with many adapting to new ways of living, working and even family lifestyle. We are all aware that things may not go back to “the old normal” anytime in the near future, so it’s imperative to grasp them and learn new ways to be successful in the workplace. At ProRecruiters, we speak to hundreds of different clients and candidates on a daily basis and we’ve heard different requests and questions from candidates in their job search and also new setup up opportunities from employers. It’s no doubt that our work trends will evolve from 2020 and beyond to be more adaptable and technology driven to accommodate teleworking and a post-COVID work environment. Work trends are a major factor that have evolved quickly and swiftly due to COVID and will continue to change.

Remote Working

The most obvious change will be an increase in remote working. The entire world transferred to remote opportunities at the beginning and some companies have continued remote working, flex-time and part-time opportunities. Companies and employees had to quickly switch gears to adapt to remote working. Remote working brought in many things employers had to navigate including: employee engagement, work-life balance and different ways to measure productivity. Some employers have decided to go completely remote and/or part-time for the extended time or long-term. The new working term could possibly be “work-life integration” where employees and employers are measuring success in roles by different metrics to adapt to a flex work schedule.

Reliance on Technology

On that same trend, another change is the reliance on technology. Many companies already did rely on technology, but now ALL businesses are going to look at automated processes, enhanced technology and more adaptable technology where employees can operate from everywhere. Companies are also reevaluating how they can streamline processes, rely more on data collection to determine success and find different ways to determine employee monitoring, tracking productivity, monitor employee engagement and enhance employee experience while working from home.

Increase in Contractor Labor

When COVID emerged and expanded, many companies conducted staff and operations cuts. The unemployment rate rose to record levels. Now that hiring is beginning to bounce back, we are seeing an increase in contractor positions. Companies are taking advantage of using contractor labor to allow for more flexibility for the company which allows for an ability to quickly change to outward circumstances. Changing to contractor labor is a cost-saving measure to companies.

Expanded Employee Benefits

One positive note we’ve been seeing is the great measures companies are taking to provide resources to their employees and provide expansive benefits to their employees. These resources are considered more supportive to employees that are adaptable to the outward situations and can meet immediate needs. These benefits include: enhanced sick leave, financial assistance, adjusted hours of operations and/or telework options and child care provisions. These are ways to support and retain talent while increasing employee engagement at work.

There are many more changes that are eminent and will continue to adapt as more circumstances continue to arise. We are continuing to see more ways that employers and employees can partner together to ensure a positive working environment and are continuing to adapt internally and externally to these changes as much as every other employer.