Staying Marketable in the Unprecedented Times

A question that has come up quite a bit lately is how does one stay marketable during these unprecedented economic times? No one knows how long these times will last, and since we are in a lot of unknowns, the best thing to do would be to focus on how to get through this challenging time. Although the job market is not something you can control, how you are perceived and how you can stay marketable is definitely in your hands. It’s important to get ahead of those things because when things do finally go back to normal, they’re going to move fast and we all need to be ready.  Now is the time to expand on the skills you do have, learn some new ones, and do what else you can to gain a competitive edge in your industry. There will be a lot of competition out there, so you want to put yourself in a strong position.

Learn and Work New Software Tools and Platforms

We are conditioned to adapt and quickly respond to an ever-changing world. Continuous learning is about further expanding our skill set in response to a changing environment and new developments. Doing so will enable you to speak in confidence as to your technological proficiency, which can in turn, help you become more likely to be considered for a position. Stay up to date with technology and strengthen your qualifications. This is a great way to increase your value. Utilize this time wisely and take some online courses and seminars. This is a great way to keep up with an ever-changing world, because technology is rapidly changing the way we live.

Be Open to Temporary Employment

Although many would prefer to have a Direct Hire or Permanent position, just keep in mind that by accepting a Temporary or Contract position, you can gain new skills in a new environment, and those skills will most likely be transferable skills that you can utilize in your career. Having a Temp Agency recruiter on your side can take much of the stress and pressure off you. Keep your options open and doing so, you will avoid limiting yourself. This flexibility will allow you to get back to work and start earning income again. You can, however, limit the type of temp work you do to work that would be more in line with your long term goals. There is nothing wrong with that. Being open and flexible can only help you build character and as well as make new connections! You never know what will come of it. What do you have to lose?

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Make sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile and link it to your resume. Although Social Media has been big for some time now, we are now more than ever relying heavily on our virtual contacts. A potential employer will go looking for you, especially if they are unable to currently meet you face to face. Because of this. It would also be a great time to clean up any other Social Media pages you may have. Make sure you’re proud of your digital footprint, and that it accurately represents who you are, as you never know who is looking! Social Media is a fast, inexpensive, and very effective way to reach so much of the world’s population. What better time to do take advantage of this?

We know that these times can be scary and overwhelming. If you are seeking a new career, or seeking new professionals, we are here to help! We can all learn to navigate these stormy waters together.

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