What unprecedented times we are in!  Who would have thought that spring would look like this?  Distance learning for children, working from home, unemployment at the highest level since 1982, social distancing and hoping that this will end soon!  This pandemic has affected us all.

ProRecruiters is no stranger to hard times. We opened our staffing agency during the 2008 recession as Part Time Pros under the leadership of Tulsa natives, Carey and Brett Baker. Part Time Pros was developed to fulfill the mission of helping professionals find part time careers to better their work life balance. Many of these professionals were semi-retired, parents, or college students that needed more flexibility in their careers. Since that time, we have expanded our scope and changed our name to ProRecruiters, now offering full staffing solutions including Direct Hire, Temporary to Hire, Temporary, and Payroll Services.

When the pandemic hit Tulsa, ProRecruiters did what every other small, local business did. We sat down to regroup and decide how we could best continue to fulfill our purpose. We began to analyze how we could creatively “Improve the quality of lives of our community” and support other local businesses, clients, and candidates that have supported us throughout our journey.

There are record numbers of individuals that have recently lost jobs due to the novel Coronavirus. ProRecruiters CEO,Carey Baker, recently commented that the mass unemployment  “…is not because of talent but because of Coronavirus and it’s effect on our American economy.” We also know there are many others including college graduates entering a flooded job market and high school seniors without access to career services. This is where ProRecruiters offers a variety of services that we believe can make a real difference for those who are searching for assistance in the job market.

Professionals Looking for a Job

ProRecruiters continues to be a free resource to candidates seeking employment. Professionals do not need to apply for a specific position with us to be a Candidate. Once a Candidate applies with us, they do not become another number. Our recruiters reach out to each Candidate and do a thorough intake. Each candidate is assessed for ideal positions, skills and many other important factors employers are looking for. Our recruiters work together to help connect Candidates and employers to form the best partnerships possible. We believe in sending the best qualified candidates for consideration to the job, no matter who is working the position.

Clients Seeing Quality Employees

ProRecruiters has been privileged and honored to work with incredible local and nationwide companies. We offer a variety of services including Direct Hire, Temporary to Hire, Temporary and even payroll services to our clients in a variety of industries. Our method hasn’t changed despite the pandemic. We continue to do thorough intakes and constantly stay in communication with our Clients to ensure great partnerships. We believe in improving lives and creating quality partnerships between our Clients and Candidates.

ARRIVAL Services

We introduced our ARRIVAL program last year, and recently expanded it to full capacity. We believe it will be a tremendous asset to high school seniors looking for assistance choosing a major or college graduates entering a workforce with a high unemployment rate. Our ARRIVAL program is designed to educate job seekers on how they are being perceived by potential employers and help them enhance their chances to land their perfect job. ARRIVAL stands for Application, Resume Review, References, Interviews, Video Resume, Assessments, and Learning. Applicants will go through various steps including a Hogan Personality Assessment with one of our professionals. Each applicant will also receive a Scorecard/Portfolio to present to hiring managers in conjunction with their resume. ARRIVAL is designed to provide students with a portfolio to assist with Internships, Greek Life, and help professionals stand out to hiring managers in their job search.

Resume Writing

We recently added Resume Writing to our services, as we have had many job seekers inquire about this service. A well-written, clean resume with necessary key-words can help Job Seekers obtain the job they want and get noticed by hiring managers. Having a good resume is important and even more so in a job market with millions of other candidates. Key word utilization in a resume can help you get noticed as many recruiters/hiring managers depend on key word searches to find qualified candidates. Our professionals view hundreds of resumes on a daily basis and our recruiters have over 20 years of recruiting experience combined. We will meet with each professional and do a thorough interview of work history, skills, job search, and more. We then compile a resume for each professional and follow-up with an additional meeting to discuss changes and present a finished resume for the candidate to submit to employers.

At Pro Recruiters, we realize the best way to get through a time of crisis is to help those around us. We believe we can make a difference in our community and continue our mission and purpose to “Improve the Lives in our Community”.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please reach out to our office at 918-551-7767.