We are in an interesting time regarding what and how work has traditionally looked like. Flex-time and Remote access has now changed from a benefit, to a mandatory requirement in many areas due to COVID-19.

At ProRecruiters, we strive to be an instrument of hope and a resource to our Candidates seeking employment and our Clients seeking qualified candidates. Part of this to us means informing others on tools and resources to utilize during this time to keep business up and running.
There are many courses and priorities to navigate during this time including: how to operate digitally, how to balance time between family/work/kids and how to manage the news and state of what’s happening in world.

Operating Digitally

Earlier in 2019, ProRecruiters made technology changes to add systems that can be accessed remotely. We utilize RingCentral phones, which give us the capabilities to share access video meetings, forward calls from our desktop to cell phones, texting from our work numbers and file sharing, amongst other things. We also utilize Docusign and have access to our Applicant Tracking System from anywhere there is internet. We also have the capabilities to schedule Video Meetings between our Clients and Candidates trying to continue conducting interviews! Please ask us how, and we’d be happy to extend this option to you!

Balancing Family/Work/Kids

During Quarantine-Remote working is not a new thing, thankfully, and many have done it successfully for years. It all comes down to clear expectations and a clear schedule. This is not a vacation if you have the capabilities to work from home. Business owners, we recommend you set expectations for your employees on what is required to be complete. At ProRecruiters, our CEO, Carey Baker, was interviewed by Fox 23 News to give tips on balancing and setting clear expectations. It may not necessarily be based upon hours worked, but the OUTPUT of work being complete. That is our motto here at ProRecruiters.

Next, let your family know what are working hours, and have scheduled activities for your kids. Setting a regiment will help you, your kids, and family make the most use of your time at home. It can easily be distracting to do 1,000 other things like chores, watching movies, or exercise, but setting a schedule can help you stay on task. Utilize planners or a list to help balance out your to-do’s. At ProRecruiters, we utilize a Day Designer which is a list-type planner that helps us to stay on task.

Last, set up activities for kids during the time you are working. Setting up a schedule for the kids during the day helps you stay on schedule and helps them during this time too. The routine of school schedules for kids will be vastly different than what they are used to and some may have a hard time not being in school. A schedule can help us pass this time effectively. There are many online resources for kids, but then there are simple things you can also do including: puzzles, board games, walks, set reading time, set chore time and more. There are so many online educational resources that you can utilize in this time as well.


This topic is something to keep at the forefront in a time of crisis. Be self-aware of how you are feeling physically and emotionally. A time like this can take a toll on each person individually. If you are unwell, monitor your symptoms and call the Coronavirus hotline if needed: 877-215-8336. They will tell you about next steps. Next, if you need physical care, there are digital options for basic infections including: Doctor on Demand and Teledoc (We utilize Teledoc at ProRecruiters).

At ProRecruiters, we know that by working together, we can help overcome the trying times we are in. We are here to be a resource to you as a business, and partner with you in whatever way possible.

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