Are you looking to start a new career this year? Maybe you are transitioning to another industry, or making a promotional career move or even job hunting after a company restructure? There can be a multitude of reasons why you are job hunting, but the methods of job hunting remain the same. We meet great Professionals looking for assistance with their career every day at ProRecruiters. There is a saying of, “job hunting is a job in itself” and truly it is. You need to make sure you are putting your best foot forward and preparing yourself to make the best impression with employers. ProRecruiters seek to help Professionals prepare and give a few tips to ease the transition into the job market.

First, you need a resume. There are various types of resumes, but one of the most common is a Chronological Resume. These are easy to navigate and familiar to Hiring Managers and Recruiters. Important information besides your job history to include on your resume is your contact information. This would be your Name, Phone Number, Email and LinkedIn profile if you have it. One thing to exclude, would be a picture. While pictures seem like a cool trend and nice added touch, they aren’t necessary and can be distracting to your skills and work history. It’s also not necessary to include your personal social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook unless they pertain to your work or skills. Next, you will need to list skills, education, work history and certifications. You want this information to be easy to find, bullet pointed if possible, but not so brief the information seems vague. Also, remember to use job specific key words and list what software/databases you used. When Recruiters or Hiring Managers are searching for candidates, they will use key words to search in Applicant Tracking Systems, LinkedIn, Indeed and other search engines.

Next, research some interview questions. You can prepare for interviews by researching interview questions and noting your answers. This way, you have prepared some examples and skills you’d like to talk about or emphasize before the interview. While there are unique interview questions out there, most will pertain to skills, work history and strengths. You won’t know all the questions before the interview, but preparation is always good. It’s also important to know the job description and research the company before an interview. This will prompt some questions you can ask at the end of an interview about the job, tasks or company culture. Questions are a way to show engagement and interest.

Lastly, make sure to show positive character traits by being punctual, polite and writing a “thank you” after the interview. These statements go a long way to any hiring manager and show your interest in the company and role.

Job hunting can be exhausting, but if you prepare beforehand, it may not be so bad. Also, no matter the reason for the job hunt, it’s an opportunity for a brighter future. ProRecruiters offers many services to candidates and clients looking to expand their teams including: recruiting, resume assistance, interview assistance and more.