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How does one stay marketable during economic times that are forever changing in an ever-increasing competitive workforce environment? How can we sustain our quality of life and our values? Just as the leaves fall and the cold winds of change blow in, so do we change.  As we grow older, we go through periods of change not only in our personal lives, but inevitably in our professional lives. How does one stay marketable?

Too many times as seasoned professionals we see layoffs, re-orgs, and staff reductions. It is heartbreaking to see many people being laid-off after so many years of dedication and hard work. Many have reached the top-tier with no possibility of further promotion. A lot of these ever-increasing layoffs are due to implementation of new technologies, cost-cutting, or new processes making ones job obsolete. Re-inventing and marketing oneself is no easy task; but it is doable, and there is hope.

According to a recent study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement, 66 percent of baby boomer workers expect to work past age 65, and occupational shortages are opening up opportunities for seasoned workers. To overcome age stereotypes, it is recommended to make sure to update your resume to show you are tech savvy. Here are a few other tips to consider:

  1. Continuously learn and work new software tools and platforms.
  2. Attend professional conferences and take classes to ensure you remain on top of your industry knowledge.
  3. Research different corporate cultures and teams. You must be open to change and willing to learn about new cultural trends to widen your job scope possibilities.
  4. Be flexible and embrace new tasks. Having the attitude of, “That’s not my job” will not get you far and can hurt you in your future job hunt.
  5. Be open to temporary to permanent employment where you can gain new skills in a new environment. Having a Temp Agency recruiter on your side can take much of the stress and pressure off of you.
  6. Play up your experience: Those whose résumés with the most relevant & current work experience get noticed. Don’t list every job you have had over the last 3 decades, but focus on the past 10 years of relevant experience.
  7. Get to know and utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn. Make sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile and link it to your résumé.

We hope these tips have been helpful, as it can be scary and overwhelming looking for a job after many years of working for the same employer. If you are seeking a new career, either full time or part time, or even just need some assistance with your resume or interviewing tips, we are here to help!


The Team at ProRecruiters