Mid-Year Reflections

Greetings and Happy summer! We are in the midst of the June mid-year point in a very eventful 2019.  For many, June is more than just swimming pools, vacations, and carefree fun and leisure: June is often a time when we look back to gage and contemplate on how far we have come in our personal and professional lives since the beginning of the year.

 Many of us set goals at the first of the year to be conquered by the close of the year. This proactive activity is essential and allows us to take initiative, enhance our vision, and instill hope for a positive future. If you have not set any goals for the year, it is never too late to start.  Without goals, it is difficult to assess just how far we have come, and how far we want to be.

As you take your half-way point inventory, notice if you are currently filled with hope or fear when you think of the next 6 months ahead.  Are you heading into the last half of the year with confidence, or feelings of defeat? Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, only awareness.  And with this honest awareness comes proactivity rather than reactivity.

 I am reminded of a wonderful and incredibly helpful quote by Stephen R. Covey in his iconic book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 

“If you wait to be acted upon, you will be acted upon.”

With this honest awareness comes a great gift; the gift of free will to honestly assess where we are at, and the gift of the choice to act. Do we need to revise our goals, or work harder to achieve the ones we have already set?

Have you accomplished what you wanted to in the past six months, or are you at a good place for achieving your 2019 end of year goals? How are you sitting with yourself today? Have you been at the mercy of your circumstances, or have you been the master of your own reality?

If you goals include finding a rewarding career, finding new employees to enhance your business, or gaining more insight through the consult from experts, we would love to assist you the best way we can!

Here is to a joyful and proactive next 6 months!


The Team at ProRecruiters