We all know of the iconic Star Wars line: “May the Force be With You.”  How many times on May 4th did we hear, May the 4th be with you?  Star Wars is a cinematic treasure that has impacted millions of people for many years, and will for years to come.

So what did it take to make such a deep and lasting impact? And what can be learned from this movie to assist us in making our own positive impact on others in our daily lives in this 9-5 grind?

1. Bring in Your Magic!

Movies offer an escape from reality and a glimpse at the magic we once believed in as a child. We are unique beings with different skillsets, gifts, diverse backgrounds, and come with a unique set of experiences that make us different from others. Get to know your own “magic” and this will bring out the magic in others. Encourage dialogue. Promote uniqueness, offer a safe space for diversity, and let your coworkers and employees shine!  When we are encouraged to be ourselves we feel accepted and respected, and in turn do a better job of making our clients, co-workers, and employees feel respected and accepted. We all perform our missions and our work at higher levels.     

2.  Be Relatable

 Yes, okay we are magical unique beings, but don’t wave your freak flag too much on that high horse of yours!  A cinematic hit brings in the magic, but also the relatability. When we see a glimpse of ourselves in the leading character it is box office gold! We empathize with the struggles, rise along with the challenges, and defeat evil right along the side of the hero. A balance of magic and relatability is a prized gift of many influential and impactful leaders. In the workplace these relatable leaders foster trust, loyalty, and a positive and productive work environment

  3. Recognize the Journey

We naturally gravitate to and have affinity for The Hero’s Journey, the rise and fall of the underdog, and the rescuing of those in need. A cinematic blockbuster displays this dramatic structure beautifully. We all play our roles, or our parts in varying degrees throughout our lives. Carl Jung explains these universal characters as “archetypes”:

Jung: Film and Archetypes

Throughout our lives we have played the victim, the perpetrator, and the hero.  Remember, not everyone is on the same path or journey as you are, or in the same role when your paths cross.  Check in with yourself where you are at.  You and you alone are responsible for your own journey. 

 4. You Can’t Save Everyone

Most of us are good people and we want to play the hero, or seek to have heroes surrounding us in our professional and personal lives. When we live our lives serving others with good and open hearts, we naturally attract people needing rescuing.

A good hero knows boundaries, and recognizes where saving stops and empowerment starts.

The best kind of hero encourages others to be the hero in their own journey.  Think about what kind of hero you are attracted to in some of your favorite films- they most likely displayed a balance of both softness and unwavering strength. 

If you are looking for heroes to join your workforce or would like consultation for your own hero’s journey, please contact us! Or if you are a job seeker wanting to bring your magic to a new career, we are happy to assist!

And as always, “May the Force Be With You!” 

All the Best,

The Team at ProRecruiters