April Showers


We have all had those challenging days (or seasons!) that seem to pile on the growing list of responsibilities on the job. We have deadlines, decisions, and demands in both our professional and personal lives that seem to be raining down on us non-stop. We all remember the saying, “When it rains, it pours!” and goodness, how it has been pouring lately.

When stress hits us, not only does it reverberate inside of ourselves, the effects of stress flow out and impacts our co-workers, our clients, and our loved ones at home. How we best handle stress varies greatly on a personal level, however here are some basic tips that help weather the storm-

1. Realize that stress is energy, and you can do something with that energy. Oftentimes when we are overwhelmed, we can feel helpless and go into freeze mode. When this happens, it is wise to focus on a couple of tangible tasks- core actions we can complete that have the greatest need at the time, instead of creating a mile-long to-do list. This will help you get unstuck and the energy flowing again.

2. Remember your ultimate goal: most likely, you are working to assist others by providing a needed service to improve lives. It is important to remain positive, and remember your motivations when you first decided to be in the career field that you have chosen.

3. Breathe! This means you are still alive. What are you going to do with this gift of aliveness? Stress affects the body, and by slowing and deepening your breath and breathing with your belly and not your chest, you can calm your central nervous system and help oxygenate your brain to be able to better handle those stressful situations, responsibilities, and decisions.

4. And finally, remember, Stress equals Growth. No one ever grew by being in a sterile (and boring!) stagnant environment. Look to nature: its resilience, its cycles of death and rebirth, and specifically, the story of the lotus flower.

The lotus flower is a beautiful example of a survivor and a “thriver.” It grows in the most stressful, muddied, and mucky environments searching for the light- each unrolling of a petal symbolizes one small achievement, encouraging the rest of the flower to keep striving.

(Source: http://www.lotuspsychologicalservices.com/story-of-the-lotus.html)

So remember, allow the rain of life to flow, address what you have power over to change, and always seek the light. Give it some time and then look back on your growth. If you are interested in growing with us here at ProRecruiters, please contact us for career help, advice, or finding great professionals, please contact us!