Happy May! Congratulations to
all those who are graduating.  Since we
are in the midst of graduation season, I thought it would be appropriate to
discuss the expectations of employers and new graduates.  Typically, employers and recent graduates
have different sets of expectations upon entering the work force.  Therefore, it is necessary to bridge the gap
between what is expected from new graduates and what is expected from
initiative, time management, goal setting, and organization are qualities that
employers and hiring managers expect from new hires.  However, these
expectations may be overwhelming and far too generalized for recent graduates
unless specifically communicated.  In order to clearly communicate
expectations, a suggestion would be to create a mentor program to help guide
them through this new set of expectations.  The suggested mentor program can
establish a relationship between a new employee and a trusted mentor within the
company.  This training tool ensures that
a new employee is learning company expectations from a professional. 
way to bridge the gap of expectations between employers and new graduates is to
create a friendly environment that makes recent graduates feel
comfortable.  The first week in the
office needs to be a welcoming experience that gently eases the new graduate in
to their role without overwhelming them with expectations.   One great way to initiate the first week of
a new job is to have a staff lunch.  A staff
lunch creates a relaxed setting which allows the new graduate to meet with
fellow employees on a personal level. 
Recent graduates must feel their colleagues and bosses are approachable
in order to communicate with them their ideas, questions and concerns.
graduates can be a tremendous asset to a company.  While seasoned
professionals may have their practiced routines, a new graduate brings a fresh
perspective to a company.  Most importantly, recent graduates need
guidance in order to understand the company’s expectations while incorporating
their own diverse perspective into their role.  Managing expectations
while laying a solid foundation for new graduates to grow upon will determine
how successful they will be for the company.  I encourage you all to
practice patience as they learn so that you can help foster their growth. 
After all, they are our future leaders.