Happy March!  I have
written before about how much luck goes into play when running and owning a
business.  ProRecruiters is now 7 years
old and I find myself still wondering how much luck as opposed to hard work has
played into our success.  However, I feel
more strongly now than ever that hard work, solid processes, and a solid team
have played a much greater role in growing and sustaining our business.  That brings me to my topic for this month –
how many members of your team do you think you found, hired, and have retained
from “luck” or was it by actually working hard, following a particular process,
and continuing to manage effectively?  If
you think a lot of it is luck I would urge you to create some stronger hiring
processes because the cost of turnover can be devastating for any business –
large or small!
Over the course of the last 6 months we were exploring some
ideas for expanding our services and subsequently engaged in partnerships to
explore additional offerings.  Throughout
these partnerships there were some hires that were made – and I hate to admit
this – that were not good.  The reason
was simply because we did not follow our own recruiting practices and went
ahead and made a quick hire. I am sure I am the only one who has given advice
yet not taken it!   No surprise to us, not one of the 3 worked
out.  It was an excellent, but costly, reminder
to us internally to adhere to our hiring practices and take time to make sure
we found the right fits and partnerships. 
Sometimes you have to make
mistakes to make gains.
  We started
over at the beginning of this year and committed to our hiring process. In the
end we came up with two exceptional professionals and it was difficult to make
a decision!  Upon reflection of this
process I wanted to know the cost of our bad hires. 
While the cost
varies by industry and role at the company, there are estimates based on a
Center for American Progress study you can use to estimate your costs:
  • Less than $30,000/year: 16% of
    annual salary
  • $30,000 – $75,000/year: 20% of
    annual salary
  • $75,000+/year: Up to 213% of
    annual salary (highest for hard-to-replace, high earning CEOs)
Here is an example:
Company 10 employees
Position 1 $15/hour Admin
Position 2 Mid-level manager $40,000
Position 3 100K Management
# of terminated EE’s by role
Cost per employee
$4992 (16% of salary)
$8,000 (20% of salary)
Cost of Turnover by role
Total cost during time period
Now that you can
see how much turnover is really costing you, it’s important to understand where
a lot of that cost is actually coming from – the soft costs. Everything costs
money. Although it may seem that hiring a new employee, or letting one go,
isn’t costing you anything, here are a few things to consider that are factored
into the total turnover cost:
  • Productivity: You need to remember that when
    you’re short-handed, your current employees are putting in overtime. You
    may end up needing to hire a temp or contractor as well. None of these
    options are a permanent fix and will eventually have to be replaced by a
    full-time worker.
  • Recruitment: This is one that can really cost
    a lot depending on how you handle it. You can count the time it takes to
    advertise, review resumes, interview, conduct background checks, administer
    drug tests, etc. all as costs. Your time is money and if it is being spent
    on constantly looking for new employees, chances are that it isn’t being
    spent on other valuable components of the business.
  • Onboarding: Even if you are able to hire
    someone quickly and have significantly cut down the recruitment time,
    don’t forget that training your new hire isn’t an overnight task. You’ll
    spend at least a week training them on how things are done at your
    company. Also included are the prices for training material, potential
    mistakes made, and bringing in an employee to shadow them.
If you can learn
to embrace tracking turnover for your business, you have an opportunity to put
the time and money that would have been spent on it into the heart of your
business.  And if you are like me you
will not rely on luck to build a great team but rather on hard work, solid
processes and superior management to retain the talent you have.  If you need our assistance building your team
we are here to help!  We maintain a 98%
hire rate on our temp-hire and a 100% success rate on direct placements.  It’s not luck, it’s our process and it works!
Here is to a “lucky” March!