Habits of Happy People
Whether it
be coworkers or customers, sometimes certain folks are simply unpleasant.  We all know him or her – the work grump, the
person in your office who is similar to a black cloud that blocks the sun.  Sometimes you encounter customers who are
determined to make themselves feel better by treating you badly.  Those individuals who are intent on spread
their negativity around are difficult to help. 
It is always easier to assist those that are grateful for the help given
to them.  As an example, while our Office
Manager, Kourtni, was on her lunch break, one of our Recruiters, Roslyn, filled
in on her behalf and answered phone calls coming to our direct line.  What Roslyn took from that experience was
that those who called to speak with Roslyn were much less polite when they
thought they were speaking to “just a receptionist,” as opposed to someone who
they felt could directly help with their search for a job.
Here at
ProRecruiters we assist all job seekers – employed or unemployed.  In some situations, professionals are
contacting us during a highly stressful time, so it is understandable that
their worries about their future may motivate their mood or behavior.  From an article at LinkedIn, Randy Kessler gives
a good piece of advice regarding worrying about the future:
“Worrying about tomorrow can prevent you from
enjoying today. Be an optimist and enjoy the good, and know that the bad cannot
last forever. And if it does, find other reason for joy. It will not only make
you happier, it will make you more productive, more active, more inquisitive
and more a part of this wonderful world we all share.”
A tip is to
always be kind to who you’re interacting with, not only with a service that is
trying to help YOU find employment, but in life in general.  You never know if you are going to be a
person’s only pleasant interaction in a day, so smile at strangers, express
gratitude, give to the less fortunate, and spread kindness like wildfire.  Your actions might even land you an interview
or an introduction!  Kindness is free to
give and you will be happier for giving it. 
Jeff Haden, writing for LinkedIn, wrote a wonderful article that details habits one should
acquire if they wanted to truly change their attitude, and maybe as a result,
their fortunes.  To add to that, Andrea
Shulman wrote a great article that relates habits one should cease
in order to become a happier person.
applicants come in to our office for their video resume, our Office Manager
takes a first impression score.  They are
scored on their Courtesy, Rapport, Attention to Detail, and Punctuality using a
1-3 scale, 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest.  Remember that when searching for a job, first
impressions are key because in most cases, perception is reality when all you
have is a short amount of time to help secure a job.  How you conduct yourself once you land a job
is also important.  You will spend at
least 8 hours (one-third of your 24 hour day) with your co-workers, so it is
important to be a positive source for energy as much as you can. 

Happiness is
a decision.  Emotions are reactions, not
reactions to direct physical causes, but to the way we perceive those
causes.  Our emotions don’t reflect
reality but the way we interpret reality. 
Here’s to a Happy March!